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Apply Travel Licence

Apply for Travel Agents Licence is very difficult in Travel Agents Registry - TAR and in Travel Indusrty Council of Hong Kong - TIC. It requires much time to walk around several departments.

We can provide one-stop services to help you apply different licences.

Macau Travel Agents licence (Eligibility to establish a Macau Travel Agents Licence)
Hong Kong Travel Agents licence (Steps to establish a Hong Kong Travel Agents Licence)
Phamaceutical wholesale trader licence
Drugs manufacturing licence and registration
Chinese medicines trader licence
Proprietary Chinese medicine licence
or other licences

You can save you time. Please make sure your information provided to us is complete to avoid any delay.

Steps to establish a Hong Kong Travel Agents Licence

1.Find a suitable place and establish a company (either a body corporate or an unincorporated body).

The agent's premises must be "separate and independent premises" , that shall have a separate and individual entrance accessible by the public and shall not be "an office within an office". Therefore, an office located within the agent's parent / affiliate / holding company is not allowed.

Hong Kong citizen identity is not necessary for the director / shareholder of a travel agent. However, the authorized person of a member should reside in Hong Kong so that he / she can be easily reached in case of emergency.


There are total 8 Association Members under TIC. Each member caters for the specific needs of different markets and travel agents.

- Hong Kong Association of Travel Agents ( HATA )
- The Federation of Hong Kong Chinese Travel Agents ( FHCTA )
- International Chinese Tourist Association ( ICTA )
- Society of IATA Passenger Agents ( SIPA )
- Hongkong Taiwan Tourist Operators Association ( TTOA )
- Hong Kong Association of China Travel Organisers ( HACTO )
- Hong Kong Outbound Tour Operators' Association ( OTOA )
- Hongkong Japanese Tour Operators Association ( HJTOA )

3. Apply for TIC MEMBERSHIP.

There are Ordinary Members and Affiliate Members . With regard to the application criteria, Ordinary Members must be limited companies while Affiliate Members must be unlimited companies. As to business nature, Ordinary Members may conduct any travel and tourism business, and open branch offices. Affiliate Members shall not register, or organise or operate a tour. It shall not have a branch office. Their business is restricted to booking hotel rooms and air tickets, retailing package tours, and other travel related dealings.

4. Apply to the Travel Agents Registry for TRAVEL AGENTS LICENCE.

The Registrar may grant a licence for a period of up to twelve months. Renewal of licence should be applied at least one month (but not more than two months) before its expiry date.

Please note that no person shall carry on travel business until a travel agent's licence is granted.


Eligibility to establish a Macau Travel Agents Licence

1. Type of business

Establishment of company in Macau to solely operate travel agency affairs.

2. Amount of capital

Minimum amount of capital of company to be MOP 1.5 million and is paid in full.

3. Guarantee

The company has to guarantee that it undertakes the responsibility for its business affairs in the interests of customers.
(Bank guarantee: MOP 500,000 and Professional Liability Insurance - Insured amount must not be less than MOP 700,000)

4. Premises

The activity of travel agencies shall be exercised in an immovable intended for commerce, service, offices or independent profession. In addition, travel agencies must exercise their activity in autonomous premises, with independent access, and which are exclusively for such exercise. The premises shall have:
-A minimum gross area of 40 square meters;
-An area for serving clients;
-Equipment appropriate to the exercise of their activities.

5. Technical director

The agency should have at least one technical director. Only persons who comply with the following requirements can be admitted as technical directors of agencies:
-Residence in Macau
-Written and spoken knowledge of two languages, one of which should be Chinese or Portuguese.

-Professional training course offered by Macau SAR higher education institution specializing in tourism, or recognized by such institute; no less than 3 years professional experience in the tourism industry.

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