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We are a professional firm serving for a wide range of clients with high-quality services in maximizing their wealth, ranging from local owner-operated sole-proprietorship to international enterprises, and give professional advices to clients in areas of One-stop investment service, Incorporate new company - China, Hong Kong and Macau, Company secretarial sevice, Virtual office service, Accounting, Tax planning, Corporate Finance, Trademark registration, Asisting for applying for immigrant visa and Assisting for applying licence.

We are providing services to a wide range of business, such as construction, non-profit making, human resource, manufacturing, trading, retailing, catering, jewellery, property management, motor dealing, travel services and professionals. We promise we would be pleased to provide the advice in accounting management and tax planning, which is objective, accurate and practicable.

Listening is the most important elements to give good and valid assistance to our customers. It enhances a better, harmony and pleasant relationship with them to gain us a more sustainable development for our business. Indeed, our mission is “Better services can lead more customers”.

Accounting management is the basic and essential activity of an enterprise. Tax expenditure is the one of the elements in cash flow budgeting which can affect its operational decisions. A good tax planning can maximize its wealth with the least risk-exposure. Therefore, accounting management and tax planning act as an important role for enterprises to have a better development in the future.

Being a social responsible enterprise, it is honourable to cooperate with Hong Kong Community College to conduct an internship program since 2008. After a series of evaluations and analysis, we have selected several students to work with us. Though our forbearing and professional training, they have a chance to put their knowledge into practice. They can initially recognize the professional knowledge in that fast changing market. It is a stepping stone in their successful career path.



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